DCFS attorneyAlan Novick has been assisting families with issues involving the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services for almost 30 years. When these issues arise they can take several different venues. The State’s Attorney may file a petition for adjudication of wardship asking that children be made wards of the court and taken into protective custody.
People may be charged with crimes that relate to abuse and neglect of children. Having served as both an assistant State’s Attorney and a public defender Alan Novick can provide advice in connection with criminal cases.

Sometimes Illinois Department of Children and Family Services may indicate a parent or caretaker for abuse and neglect. If the “indicated” finding is not appealed, then a parent or caretaker can remain in the State Central Register, a computerized database compiled by the Department of Children and Family Services for between 5 and 50 years. Alan Novick has tried to establish a new good working relationship with investigators, caseworkers and administrative law judges in helping parents and caretakers appeal indicated findings. If this is your problem please call for an appointment at 309-828-7155 to review the facts of your case.