In Court

dcfs in courtAlan Novick has been assisting families with issues involving the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services for almost 30 years.

When these issues arise they can take several different venues. The State’s Attorney may file a petition for adjudication of wardship asking that children be made wards of the court and taken into protective custody or the court may place supervision over the parenting in the home.  People may be charged with crimes that relate to abuse and neglect of children.

Alan Novick can provide assistance so parents may reclaim a child from DCFS, keep a child from living with another parent who is abusive, keep a child in your care, relieve yourself of parental responsibility so your child may be adopted, contest the claim that your child has been abused, and make sure your children under DCFS care are receiving the best possible care and services.  Having served as both an assistant State’s Attorney and a public defender Alan Novick can provide advice in connection with criminal cases.