Bloomington IL DUI lawyerDue to the heightened scrutiny American society has placed on people who drive while under the influence, it is not difficult to pick up a charge of drunk driving. Not everyone who has a drink or two who then drives a motor vehicle is guilty of this offense. DUI lawyer Alan Novick stands ready to assist you in the trial court to defend a charge of driving while under the influence of alcohol.


Unfortunately some people become repeat offenders and they need special assistance. Attorney Alan Novick has made over 1600 trips to Springfield assisting people who have two, three or more charges of driving while under the influence. People who fall into this category meet with major resistance in driver’s license reinstatement.

The Illinois Secretary of State has strict rules when a repeat offender requests a restricted driver’s permit or driver’s license reinstatement. For almost 30 years Alan Novick has assisted people who are charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. He prosecuted these as an assistant State’s Attorney in Logan County, Illinois in the mid 1980’s. If this is your problem please call for an appointment at 309-828-7155 to review the facts of your case.